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The cost of your move is a critical budget factor. We've seen far too often the company giving you a quote is skewing the estimate in some way to facilitate a favorable result. The impact of quoting errors can have disastrous consequences for home buyers.

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MCE Metrics has a singular purpose - to inform you. Our goal is to provide you with objective metrics such as the weight, volume, pack time, walking distance, materials needed, and more. You can present our calculations to prospective moving companies to get a clearer, side by side comparison of quotes.

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This lightning fast tool utilizes IDX/MLS technology to put real time information at your fingertips. As with everything in our platform, it's no obligation, and it's free.

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Our State of The Art software allows you to have total control of the vital information you need to analyze your project. Work at your own pace within your secure space - literally and digitally. Sign up For your free account today! Upload inventories, calculate job times, schedule movers, and much more.

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Obtain a FREE Competitive Market Report in seconds. This innovative IDX/MLS technology is what Professional REALTORS® use every day to analyze local markets, and develop offer and listing price strategies. The Home Valuation Tool is another resource used by the pros to evaluate a property's market potential. These tools are made available to you free of charge.

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This powerful Lending Tool Suite is yet another FREE resource provided by MCE Metrics. Our trusted partners have harnessed the power of technology to provide you with the ability to, again, work at your own pace, in your secure space - literally and digitally.
Sign up for a free account and access powerful tools such as interest & affordability calculators, and online qualification apps.

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Why do I need a 3rd party moving estimate?

All moving companies know that most shippers will choose the cheapest moving company they can find. Their sales staff are under extreme pressure to produce, and can downplay or omit certain data points to skew metrics used to calculate cost. For example: a salesperson might forget to ask about stairs or walking distance, both critical factors for calculating time.

Why should I trust MCE Metrics for critical information?

MCE Metrics is a data processor. We have no vested interest in our results, whereas, a moving company has an acute financial stake in the results of their calculations. Our analysts have (prior) first hand experience in moving company management, and have bridged the gap in our understanding of booking philosophy.

How does MCE Metrics make money?

This is a great question, and one that you SHOULD be asking. We are compensated by the companies we promote. However, we do not take all comers. The marquee of MCE Metrics is our commitment to ethical transcendence. Our advertising partners are willing to pay more to be featured on our platform because we emphasize industry trust as our core principle.

How does MCE Metrics choose its partners?

We abide by the same values as our end users, and have very similar expectations. Quality of Service, Reliability, & Efficiency, to name a few. The thing that sets us and our partners apart is our expectation of competitive advantage for our clients. Our partners must be on the cutting edge of technology, innovation, and resource availability.

What is IDX/MLS Technology, and how is it used?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange, and MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. IDX is the protocol that makes MLS databases available to common users. This technology must be facilitated by a licensed REALTOR®

Is it safe to give my information to MCE Metrics and its partners?

Yes. All data transmission is encrypted with SSL/TLS technology. Our staff consists of licensed REALTORS® former Moving Company Executives, and vetted IT professionals. We comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

How do I sign up with MCE Metrics?

MCE Metrics is your digital liaison to all matters of relocation. Simply bookmark this page and you will have access to all of our trusted partners. You can Sign Up for an account anytime. We also encourage you to open accounts with the providers that may be of benefit to you. It is free to use this website, and it is free to sign up for any account we refer you to.

Does MCE Metrics guarantee the performance of its partners?

Although we do not make any guarantees, we can assure you that a company would not be featured on our platform if they were substandard or prone to complaint. Our claim to fame is our ability to find, vet, and feature the top local companies in each market. We strive to become known as the authority on all things pertaining to the Relocation Industry.